BentallGreenOak has envisioned an industrial campus that will be unmatched in the City of Edmonton. Part of the winning formula will include LEED Certified buildings. In Canada, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a third party assurance and design program managed by the Canada Green Building Council. LEED is a rating system that is recognized internationally for sustainability and green building.

The program not only positively affects the design and construction of your Southport Crossing facility but, most importantly, the efficiency of its operation. LEED Certified is a measure Southport Crossing provides to ensure your investments in operating, maintenance and property management are delivering the best value for your business.

In addition to LEED, BentallGreenOak’s conviction to sustainability is consistently recognized by organizations such as GRESB, BOMA, UNPRI and Energy Star. Simply put, what is good for the environment is good for business.

Canada Green Building Council

Environmental Reserve and Water Feature

Southport Crossing is pleased to provide tenants and visitors to its industrial campus with inviting streetscapes and landscaping features. Employees, suppliers and clients will be impressed by a business location at Southport Crossing. A fenced environmental reserve along the Park’s eastern edge will provide a visual break from industrial buildings and a water feature surrounding the northwest portion of the Park will further amplify the merits of Southport Crossing.

Most importantly, neither feature adds to tenant operating costs. Each building, and the various surrounding streets, will be landscaped and maintained to exceptional standards. All businesses calling Southport Crossing home will enjoy the physical appearance of the Park and the positive reflection it will make on their business.

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Environmental Reserve and Water Feature Map

Quality Assurance

Each building at Southport Crossing has been designed to include the latest techniques and processes in design and pre-cast construction. Glazing walls and building systems will provide an excellent temperature control program for office users and the realities of warehouse and industrial facilities. Based on client requirements, further enhancements can be undertaken to improve sound attenuation (if relevant) or insulation properties. Tenants at Southport Crossing will experience an exceptional client focus, a commitment to quality and integrity, and a development project offering valued-added benefits for businesses who call it home.

The project developer – BentallGreenOak – is one of the largest real estate services providers in Canada and manages more than 60 million square feet. BentallGreenOak properties are anchors to communities where careers can flourish and businesses can be their best. The relationships forged with tenants are built on a foundation of service, and an understanding of the role we play in helping businesses succeed. It’s one of the reasons BentallGreenOak has itself been succeeding for over 100 years.